Electrical cabinets for projects

For our industrial automation projects we produce switching blocks, provide technical support and advice forthe selection of equipment. Projects, measurements of installations. Equipment: Rittal, Siemens, Eti, Weidmuller, Schneider.

SCADA technologies systems

SCADA Siemens Vizualization Systems
Scada measurement and control system.
Real-Time Monitoring and Controls
Overview of Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
Distributed Control System
Programmable Control Components
Network systems
Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

ATEX certifications

For industry plant we produce the ATEX certification for equipment and protective systems.

Automated control of industrial lines

We are Implemented the controling system for big electric DC motors, for lubrication and controling the system. We use Siemens S7-1500 with operator panel "OP".

Automated control of ignition

Successfully completed the project "Control of ignition, for 100m long continuous furnace" on the line of non-oriented electrical steel. We implemented 12 electric enclosers and we managed to control ignition with High Voltage "HV" transformers.

Micro dosing the granulates

Dosing the PVC granulate in two industrial mixer. Version with weighing system and very precise dosing with our product, the Micro-Batch Feeder. We made the 1g accuracy deviations.

Remote monitoring of machines

Implementation of remote control for, continuous furnace on the line of non-oriented electrical steel. Technologist can remotely monitor and control the ignition of the furnace.

Automation & renovation of the old cranes

Turnkey projects for reconstruction, control, remote control and electrification for different types of the cranes, up to 63T.

Automation & renovation for safety concerns

Industrial mill for steel rounds, was fully automated and implemented the entire automatic operation. The purpose of updating the machine is the protection of life with autonomous operation. We use Siemens S7-1200 CPU and Sick sensors.

Quality control for products

Customer wants to eliminate defects and complaints from their customers, so we build monitoring system for detection quality of their product "fuse". We use our own custom made electronic system board, Festo pneumatic equipmen and Keyence sensors.

Level indicators for silos

For the international manufacturer's of the skis, we are integrated detection of levels for wood cheeps in two silos for further monitorings of quantities. We used our rotating measuring probe ILT.

Automation & renovation of old industrial machines

For metalurgy company, we are implemented the full automated solution with Siemens S7-1200 and a lot of sensors, The old packaging machine "Signode" was controled only with time relays which they were not coordinated with the old machine parts, and now they got the new brane for automated steel strapping.

Controls for crane operations

For old crain we succed to change the old manipulation inoperative system, with Integration of joysticks, to control the 21t crane.

Automation & renovation of old scrubber machines

For metallurgy company, we did the renovation & control of old scrubber machine for metal sheets. They gained better control over brushing plates and a better quality.

Electrical drives

Installation the an electrical drives we are representative for special-purpose machines in industrial production. Using IE3 Italian electric motors by controlling with the PLC Siemens S7 and controlled by frequency converters (Danfoss, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider).

Conveyors protection systems

The implementation of projects protective systems, with a turn-based switches and protective pull rope on conveyor belts. The system for the protection of workers against accidents.

SERVIS for automation lines

Managed service in field of Automation, control and management processes for production. Using Siemens S7, S5 PLC tool conntrol and SW.

ATEX services

For the metallurgical company we do service of the lighting and control system of furnaces for metal sheets. Presence of monoxide and hydrogen, we performed measurements with suitable meter.

Automation of Screwing Machine

For the need of the production process, we automated the machine for screwing the nuts. We achieved 100% better production cycles. We use PLC Siemens S7-1200 and Deprag screwing machine.