Creating solutions, conceptual and detailed drawings

For all projects, we produced conceptual and detailed solution drawings. Together with our customers, we define the maximum value of the investment "ROI".

Plant packing and palletizing systems - food production

We build turn key solutions for plant packing and palletizing system techniques for Increases productivity, automated motion & reducing worker injury. Mechanical and electrical solutions is made in Slovenia

Paletizing for glass manufacturer

We are successfully completed the turn key project of automated palletizing at the factory for the manufacture of glass products "Steklarna Hrastnik d.o.o.". Transport route from the warehouse to the machine for painting glass, where the customer achived speed up the production cycle and eliminate the possibility of injury, when working with machines "handlers".

Plant palletizing systems - drink production

Industrial palletizing solutions to achieve productivity gains autonomous operation and reduce injuries to workers. Mechanical and electrical solutions are made in Slovenia.

Conveyor machines for the turning & feeding boxes

We manufacture semi-automatic machines for turning and feeding boxes. Control of the machine via touch screen display, on the main cabinet line allows you to set programs to load the boxes.

Vertical stretch wrapping

Robot is capable of packaging any type of product, shape or size and thanks to the exclusion of the electronic edge counting system, even cylinder shaped products can be packed. Robot workers manual leading to the pallet, where then the robot automatic wrap the pallets. It is designed for customers with smaller daily productivity. With a single battery charge can be wrapped up to 150 standard pallets.

Some technical information:
- maximum weight range is unlimited,
- integrated battery charger with power 230V,
- the maximum height of the wrapping is standard 2200 (optional),
- the minimum width and the length of the range is 60 cm (max. is unlimited)
- Height defined with photocell,
- The possibility of moving the robot using the buttons on the handle of the machine.

Taping machines for box

Taping machines with side drive for sealing fixed format box. Also in steel version, for use in the foodstuffs field. Availible in semi automatic version where workers must put box in machine and version for fully automatic carton forming machines with manual adjustment of dimensions of cartoons.

Transportation and quality control of products

Together with Italian manufacturer ALLGLASS S.r.l., we managed project for glassproducer company, where we were set up and run a full line of transportation, handling and implementation the inspection machines for products.